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Lizzie Ens - Wife, Mom, Creator of The Undiet Yourself Program

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You go to the doctor because you are feeling sick and you know something is wrong. You just know something is off. You wait for months to see the doctor, they finally run labs and … surprise!  They say your labs are fine. They probably tell you to sleep more, lose weight and come back to see them next year. 

But wait! There’s gotta be more to the story than that.

I’m here to tell you the body never lies. If you feel off, that’s your body telling you there is something wrong. I’m here to help you figure that out (even when you have “normal” labs).

Once you have received this download you’ll be getting some emails in your inbox where I cover labs, lifestyle shifts you can make, and what exercises are a better fit for someone with Hypothyroidism and or Hashimoto's disease so please keep your eyes peeled for those in your inbox.

See you on the inside! 

Lizzie Ens 

Functional Nutrition Coach - Certified Health Coach & Certified Personal Trainer

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, dietitian or nutritionist. I cannot diagnose you, prescribe supplements etc. If you have any serious health concerns please reach out to your doctor.

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